Monday, May 03, 2010

A blustery Much Love Monday

I could really go for a hot chocolate and a warm croissant right about now

Hello all, and Happy Monday! I've been trying for some time to create a photo collage of our weekend to share with you, but the computer is slow, I have a killer headache, and it all seems a bit too complicated for my tired brain at the moment.

So instead, here are a few (separate) shots of the ones I love, all taken over the weekend.

On Friday evening we went to the bird sanctuary at the lagoon to feed the ducks. The pigeons were out in full force, and keen to eat the seed the boys had brought. Good practice for Trafalgar Square, non?

On Saturday we took advantage of the sunshine, packed up our bikes and went to the park.

Sawyer was all about climbing up as high as he could. He loved it. Dylan spent the entire time on the swings. I didn't get one good photo. He goes too fast, and too high for me to capture him on film.

After the park and a bike ride, we went to Dairy Queen and brought some ice cream home to eat in the garden. Alan loves his Blizzards... (I'll never forget his first visit to Canada, when he was determined to try every flavour!)

Dylan had a chocolate sundae. He was in ice cream heaven, but confessed to being "a bit cold" after sitting outside in the wind to eat it, and wanting to go inside just as soon as we were done.

Unfortunately, the cold weather has continued since Saturday. We've had wind and rain and sun and rainbows (quite an amazing one this morning) and rain and more wind. We've had to have a roaring fire every evening to keep the house warm. All sorts of outdoor events have been cancelled and everyone is hunkering down indoors. Not sure where May went, but I'm hoping it returns tout de suite!

Hope you had a warmer weekend than we did, and that your Monday's been lovely so far. Don't forget to link up to Much Love Anna to share what you're loving today. And let me know. I like to live vicariously through you...


  1. Oh yum that ice cream looks delicious. What a lovely way to spend the weekend with family. I got your postcard and I loved it, thankyou so much.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I think it's lovely that you have such wonderful times with your family. Yum I love ice cream :) And I could go for a hot chocolate and warm croissant right now too. It's rainy and quite cold (for Brisbane)

    I hope your headache is gone! Take care

  3. oh my goodness, when did A cut off all his lovely locks? i love the short hair but i had to do a double take of your handsome husband :) tell him i like it!

    and blizzards... YES! my fave to get is reeses buttercups AND m&m's :)

    the boys are too adorable!!! i hope your evening went to feeling better sweet sweet girl! xo

  4. You are like the queen bee in a hive full of boys...I bet it's great!

  5. I love that you are all basking in the sunshine even if it was a rather blustery.

    Hope the headache went away pronto yesterday. Take care of yourself.


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