Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saturday morning daydream

image via j'adore

Wouldn't you love to start your weekend here, in this lovely photo? I can just picture myself sitting outside in the morning sunshine on this beautiful patio. I'd like to have a cup of tea, some fresh berries, pain au chocolat, and a good book to start the day with. Sounds nice, non? Where would you like to start your weekend?

{Am stealing the idea for this post from my sweet friend Cassie, by the way... Go visit her beautiful blog if you get a chance!}


  1. I don't call 7:27am a lie in Erin!! Hee hee

    I would certainly join you for a cup of tea and a pain au chocolat out there!


    PS: Thank you for the blog mention xx

  2. What a wonderful little place to start the day! Wishing I had one of my own!

  3. Oh, Erin. Yes please. This is precisely where I'd want to spend my weekend. Maybe weeks too.


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