Friday, April 02, 2010

Let the birthday weekend begin!

Just a quick note to say hello and hope you're all having a fabulous weekend so far! I had so much fun at my birthday tea party tonight (even though we were without power all day long due to a massive windstorm, and I had to rush over to my mom's to bake the cupcakes at the last minute!) We started out by candlelight, drinking tea and eating snacks by the fire, and when the power finally came back on (hallelujah!) we quickly got our pizzas made and into the oven. We didn't end up watching You've Got Mail like I'd planned (but there are still plenty of days left in this weekend...), but I had such a great time sitting around, laughing and chatting with my girlfriends. We had some yummy French vanilla cupcakes, and the girls all got to take home a teacup when they went (sort of like the goodie bags of old!)

Do you love my teapot vase? I couldn't resist. It was just so perfect for my tea and cupcakes theme... And the tulips in my garden were probably desperate to get in from the wind and rain, don't you think?

Anyway, had a lovely time, got some very fun presents (stay tuned for photos), and now am off to bed. Tomorrow am hoping to sleep in (the boys are at my parents' house for the night!), go for a latte and then get prettied up for my lunch out with mom, Amanda and Auntie Pat. Am loving this long weekend! Hope you are too...

E xo


  1. So pleased to see this little post! Your teapot and teacups/cakes looked fabulous.

    Awful about the powercut though, pleased to see you had lots of fun despite it all.

    Hope you read this after a lovely long lie in too.


  2. It was a wonderful tea party birthday and the goodie bags were WAY better than the goodie bags of old, because we didn't have to disguise the fact that we were less than impressed with a plastic frog eraser or some religious kitch.
    merci and Happy Birthday

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  4. Such an adorable birthday party! :) Isn't it funny that when you were young, having tea parties felt like such "adult" play, but as adults, having tea parties is now such fun child's play? :)

    Happy, happy, happy birthday to you in a few days, Erin! :) You bring so much joy to blogland, and we're all so blessed to get to see the little pieces of your life here on your blog! :)

    Happy Easter, too!

  5. oooh i wanted to be at your grand tea party! that looks so inviting and like such fun! :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND (and a long one!) birthday girl :) i'm so excited for you!!! I hope you and alan had such a lovely little celebration with the boys away for the night ;)

    have fun with the girls tomorrow! xo

    ps. those tulips are gorgeous! and the teapot vase is SO YOU!

  6. Happy Birthday Erin! Glad to see that you had a lovely day. I sent you a birthday card but id say its a week or so off. x


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