Monday, April 19, 2010

Porch envy

I seem to be filling my tumblr with photos of porches lately. So many beautiful porches and patios. Seems I want it to be summer, and I want to be lounging about with cold drinks (chilled wine might be nice), tasty barbequed food and good friends... instead of sitting at my desk and shelving library books. Look at these fabulous photos though! Can you really blame me for coveting a delightful deck-space like these?

Heavenly, n'est-ce pas?


  1. ooo, I like that first one - overlooking mountains and water? yes please!

  2. There really have been some amazing images around haven't there? I know exactly what you mean and it is you who is more likely to have said porch than me in volcano ash blighty!

  3. Mais oui, heavenly indeed!
    Thank you for stopping over at lovelyvelo and for the book recommendation! I haven't read it and look forward to picking it up.

  4. These are wonderful porches, wish I could sit there with a cup of coffee now...
    Have a nice day, Erin!

  5. A pretty porch is something I would love to have added to this house.

    They look like the perfect places to sit outside and relax. And who doesn't like doing that??!

  6. Yes! Any porch that overlooks water or any other beautiful nature is downright blissful. It's so relaxing to sit out there with a cup of coffee and just watch and listen...

  7. totally cannot blame you for having porch envy, those are amazing. porches are awesome, except i know from experience how much upkeep they need as well. nevertheless, decks/porches are a wonderful reminder of summer, which i am actually excited about this year, haha. (warm weather + me = not a good mix) do you have a link to your tumblr here? i didn't see one, but i'll check again. :] <3
    - L

  8. Swoon! A nice wrap around porch is an absolute must have in my future home!

  9. Oh Erin, I just love these photos. I need a little outdoor area. And I have one too -- well, a balcony at least -- but I haven't been using it. I should change that.

  10. I lurve porches. I want a giant one with lots of room for kids to play and for me to sit and read and *sigh*


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