Sunday, April 04, 2010

Our Easter in photos

It's been a busy couple of days.

We dyed eggs.
and yellow and pink.

Dylan read us an Easter story last night at bedtime.

The Easter bunny came early in the morning and filled our baskets...

to the brim! (do you love the basket labels Dylan made?)

The boys were sleepy but full of excitement first thing this morning.

Sawyer loved this bunny scarecrow!

We went outside (when the wind died down) and had an Easter egg hunt.

So many eggs for two little boys!

Just look at our baskets, filled up again!

The eggs the bunny left were full of chocolates and jelly beans and bunny-shaped jubies. Yum!

After the boys napped (and I went for a much-needed run!) we were off to my aunt's house for more Easter fun. Check out the amazing Eastery cupcakes! (my favourites are the hollowed-out ones with the icing on the inside... just like my grandma used to make...)

After another big egg hunt and a delicious lunch, all the kids were sent out to the porch to eat their cupcakes.

Bet Jasper (the dog) had fun cleaning up their crumbs!

Now it's 6:45 on Easter night, and almost time to get these boys into bed. Thank goodness, because I'm exhausted!

Hope everyone had a happy Easter. Did you eat as much chocolate as we did?!


  1. That is some lovely pictures, and it reminds me of the Easter Egg hunts I was on as a kid... I wish I could go back and do that again! It for sure looks like you had a wonderful Easter.

  2. I love the early morning sleepy excited faces on the boys! You're such a good mom :)

  3. Wow! That's a lot of easter excitement! I wish I was with your family yesterday - I sat in my pj's all day listening to the crazy rain and working hard on my lit review. Blech! a cupcake filled with icing would pretty much have been perfect! :) Glad it was such a fun easter!

  4. What a fun-filled chocolate-packed day you all had! Oh to be a little one on days like this...

    I will admit that I found a few eggs of my own on the children's egg hunt! Naughty auntie :)

    Hope you are enjoying your birthday - sending best wishes xx

  5. that is what i call Easter just keeps going and going. That ole EB did a fantastic job, please let him know I thought so, if you ever see him around.


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