Thursday, March 04, 2010

Where the boys are

So, remember my post about the house of my dreams? Well, that house was fabulous, but it lacked a playroom and a boys' bedroom. And so, here are a few gorgeous kid-themed design ideas I've come across, amazing rooms to add to my already fantastic dream home...

I love this room with the books hanging from the ceiling. What a fab, colourful decor idea to use for the children of a librarian! And kid-sized couches? Love. I'd like this to be at one end of a really large bedroom. Because everyone needs a cozy reading nook.

This room is wonderful. I love the globes and maps. Perfect for the children of a Canadian mum and an English dad. The table would be great for sitting at to have a snack, or to do an art project. And I love the little drawers that could hold paper, crayons, etc.

This one is pretty great too. Can you tell I like a combination of primary colours and bright white? That I adore neat, tidy storage spaces and big windows that let in lots of natural light? That bookshelves and places to display kids' art are essential elements to any little boy room in my dream house? Yeah, I'm pretty obvious that way.

This is a great bedroom. I love the colourful rag rugs, the square stools for sitting on (or building towers with) and I even like this bunk bed. I'm not generally a fan of bunk beds, but this one has a very safe railing around it, and sturdy ladder. I like how it creates more floor space too. My boys like lots of space for constructing their railroads! I also really like the stripey blue and green walls. It reminds me that we really need to paint the interior of our house. It's in desperate need of a little brightening!

Stay tuned for next time, when I ruminate about lovely English country gardens and great big decks on which to barbeque and lounge away on a summer's evening...


  1. Fabulous. What I like best is how tidy they are. That would last about 2.5 seconds around here and then all the loveliness of the rooms would be totally obscured by toys!

  2. I love the first and second one. I am now wondering what I can hang from my roof.

  3. i think the second picture would be a perfect room for the hubs and i... it maybe just because of the prominent michigan map, though :)

    i love these rooms! i'm all about primaries and child-friendly spaces. i feel that too many 'kid's rooms' are designed with adults in mind.

  4. I love all of these and am completely with you on the white and primary colours for children's rooms.

    I love that lampshade and the storage unit in the third one, oh and the rug and the windows! That may be my favourite one!



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