Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome, spring!

It's the first day of spring and I couldn't be happier! There are flowers popping up everywhere, and last night after dinner, Alan mowed the lawn in the evening light. Oh it smelled wonderful... and now our garden looks fantastic!

Today we had delicious oatmeal for breakfast, went to my nephew's dinosaur-themed birthday party (the boys had such fun! photos to follow...), came home and created some new flower beds (I love the smell of the soil as we mix the seeds in), and went to a local Greek place for dinner. This evening I soaked in the tub for ages, reading a trashy English novel, and now I'm lounging on the couch watching Relocation Relocation. What a wonderful Saturday. And it's just the first of spring 2010. I wonder what other lovely things it holds? Besides my birthday, which is rapidly approaching, and the arrival of a certain bunny bearing chocolate eggs, of course!

Hope you had a really great Saturday, too. Any big plans for tomorrow?


  1. Sounds like a day made in heaven! I adore Greek food (well as you know I am obsessed with all things Greek!) and I hope said trashy novel was indeed 'Sally'!

    My daffodils finally got the message yesterday and they are all beginning to bloom and we have plans with drills and bird boxes today!


  2. You love the smell of soil? I didn't know that about you. Want to come and plant in my yard?
    Your day sounds divine. I'm jealous :)

  3. The first day of spring here was rainy and miserable, which is disappointing when you consider that Gap is famous for having 300 days of sunshine a year. C'est ironique, n'est-ce pas?

    Glad to hear you had such a lovely Saturday! xoxo

  4. what a great image to go with a very spring loveliness post!!! i miss the little greek eatery back home where a family ran it and made the MOST delicious gyros. You'd always get a hug and kiss on the cheek from the daughter who waitressed, because they truly made everyone feel like family :)

    seeing as our post is so slow to get from me to you, i need to go on and put your birthday pressie together! i hope you like what i got you-- you were quite easy and fun to shop for ;) birthday girl!

    i'm lazy today on this sunday... reading "The Glass Castle" and having the worse cramps ever! i think that's a good reason not to get out of one's pajama's right?

    ps. the blog i featured today... well she reminds me a bit of you! :) do you know her? there's a lot that reminds me of you that i wanted to tell you to see if you agreed. lol

  5. I wish we were in the first day of spring. It's autumn now but it's still warmish and raining a lot which is so unusual (the rain).

    Thanks for joining my giveaway and for your wonderful suggestions!

  6. I love the pic, sadly "to the Island" is missing or should I say "lost" from the signpost.
    Insomniac wendy 4 am

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful start to spring -- and that image is perfect cheery! I know I'm late, but I did have a good weekend and enjoyed the conference I went to very much.


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