Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tuesday plans and things I love

Good morning! It's Tuesday, and time to share two more things I love around my home. This week I've picked one thing indoors and another thing outside. I'd like to say I planned it that way, but it's mainly because I had about 3 minutes this morning to choose my two things before dashing out the door to playschool and work. The house was a complete disaster, and not looking nice enough to photograph so I decided to take my camera outside for picture number 2 (my excuse for the total disarray? a run last night after the boys were asleep, followed by the latest episode of 24, then making lunches, packing bags for today, loading the dishwasher and collapsing into bed at midnight!)

Still, I did manage to choose two lovely things (without showing off any of the mess!). Here they are...

This watercolour of some beautiful blue hydrangeas was a birthday gift from my mom a few years ago. I love it. It reminds me of my wedding bouquet, and summertime. It hangs on the wall in our living room, and goes quite nicely with our couch and its blue throw pillows.

This is one of the cherry trees in our front yard. I love it. The bright splash of pink that I can see as I come up the street towards our house makes me oh-so-happy! When the cherry tree is in bloom spring is most definitely on its way.

Thanks to Kassi at BacWoods Fern for this Tuesday tradition. You should do it too! Go over to Kassi's blog and add a link to your post. Then let me know, won't you please? I love to take a look around everyone's homes each Tuesday!

Now speaking of Tuesday, any fun plans for the first one in March? At work today, I've got the district reading tournament at the public library with the winning team of girls from our school (go, Book Worms, go!), as well as planning my new Science unit (volcanoes! awesome! who doesn't love learning about lava?) This afternoon I'll do a quick run to the grocery store and the post office before I pick up the boys. We'll go home, have a hot beverage (tea for me, hot chocolate and mini-marshmallows for them), get a fire going, and then head to my mom & dad's. Are you tired yet? I am. But there's more! After I drop them off, I'll go to my running group. Tonight it's run for 4 min/walk for 1 min, ten times!!! Oh my. Wish me luck with that. I'll run my little heart out, pick up the boys, take them home where we'll arrive around the same time as Alan, and together we'll get them tucked into bed (after reading several stories and discussing the events of the day). Then... then... it will be time for LOST!!! I wonder what madness will happen tonight? Will Hurley see more dead people? Will Jacob say something cryptic? Will Claire find Kate in the jungle and freak out? Will Jin and Sun finally, finally be reunited? And will there be lots of scenes featuring my lovely Sawyer? Ooh, I hope so!

Tuesdays. They're crazy busy. But I just can't help but love them. How about you?


  1. oooh i love hydrangeas! pretty painting!
    and i love cherry blossom trees - they always put a smile on my face!
    thanks for playing along erin!

  2. love your two thing Erin!

    isn't it fun to see inside other blogger's places!

    i love it.

  3. That cherry blossom is gorgeous Erin!
    Sounds like you have a busy Tuesday planned, over here were already onto Wednesday and i just rode my bike to work for the first time, It was very fun.

  4. i love that gift from your mom... what a beautiful piece of art! and to see a cherry blossom in full bloom is a must-see for me, now that i'm in this part of the state.

    i love your two things!!!!

    ooh LOST! i've tivo'd it and am about to indulge myself.

    ps. i wore your LOVELY jewelry gift today for my interview and guess what? you're my lady luck! they worked! ;) details soon love!


    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for making my birthday special already. I LOOOOOOOOVED the stickers on the envelope. will share soon. xoxo

    also, i like the way you break up a work out. i should try it.

  5. Oh Erin I am so jealous of your cherry tree - you are weeks ahead of us I think our garden still looks like it is only just emerging!

    And you knew I would love your hydrangea picture too.

    Hope your Tuesday was busy but great.


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