Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy First Day of March!

What could be better on this, the first day of March, than this lovely photo sent to me by my sweet friend, Cassie? I love everything about it. The comfy chair, the pink pillows, the magazine, the cup of tea, the cherry blossoms... Pure bliss.

Enjoy the first of the month! Spring is now officially just 20 days away!


  1. pure bliss indeed! i could cuddle up in that chair right now.

  2. Happy first day of March to you as well:). You must be so happy with Canada's win last night!! I hope you had fun at the olympics... did you take any photos??


  3. What a beautiful photo! The chair looks soft and comfy and great place to read.

    Summer is gone and it's not autumn. Not that there's much difference in temperature. Though it's cooled down slightly because of all the rain we're getting. x


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