Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring break and cake

It's Friday and the end of spring break is approaching all too quickly. Over the past week we have been out and about a lot. We've managed to go to the beach, the pool, the library, the museum, out for lunch and dinner and afternoon tea. It's been great, but I think it's time we took a break from all this indulging. I have had way too much cake in the last 8 days!

For his party, Dylan had the birds' nest cupcakes. For his actual birthday, he had this amazing Magic School Bus birthday cake. Didn't Alan do a fantastic job?

Sawyer and Dylan had a hard time blowing out that sparkler. They got a bit annoyed with me...

March 10th was my Grandpa's 82nd birthday. He and Dylan shared another cake after blowing out the candle. Dylan thought it was really exciting that their birthdays were so close together.

Yesterday, my sis and I went for "the not-so-wee tea" at our favourite tearoom. It was delicious. There were sandwiches and scones, quiche and cake. Love the little lemon tarts!

Trying to look elegant. Failing.

There are just 3 days left of spring break if you count today. In that time, I am meeting my friend Nerine {recently returned from Kenya with her new husband!} for a coffee, putting away about a million loads of laundry, making a big pot of vegetable soup {because baby, it's cold outside! we had snow again this morning!}, going for two runs {run for 5, walk for 1... look at me, making all this progress!}, watching and re-watching the Eclipse movie trailer, catching up on my reading for school, and attending a few get-togethers {if there's cake, I'll be abstaining, I swear}. I'm a busy girl.

How about you? Big plans this weekend?


  1. Wow! That cake is FANTASTIC!

    And how great that you & Amanda got to have some sister time. I have fond memories of the "the not-so-wee tea".

    BTW, you are looking very elegant indeed... even if you forgot to stick your pinky up!


  2. That cake is so cute. and so are you with your tea cakes. I don't like tea (shocking I know) but I see stuff like that and wish I did just so I could have a tea party :)

    And I haven't seen the Eclipse trailer yet! Gah! Must go watch it immediately!

  3. Oh I have not had afternoon tea in far too long...

    See you could have that for your celebrations too, to go along with your tea theme we were talking about earlier!

  4. That is so exciting about Nerine - I am so happy for her and her husband!!!
    Tea at White Heather looks amazingly yummy!
    See you soon Kelly

  5. yes! very prettily elegant with your teacup :) you're so pretty erin.

    and that cake? AMAZING!!!

    eclipse preview? THRILLED BEYOND WORDS!!! i wore my jacob shirt today ;)

    i can't wait for even New Moon to come out and i wish i had friends in VA to go to a New Moon party lol cos i TOTALLY would but i doubt i can beg Max enough to drag him out to one. ha


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