Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two things... I love around my home

My lovely blogging friend Micaela, of Dolce Vita, introduced me to the "two things" series a few weeks ago, and I wanted to play along. This week's theme~things I love around my home~ was a fun one. Here are my two items:

This framed postcard from Crystal Palace, Alan's old neighbourhood in London. It reminds me of all the lovely times we had there, of the little flat on Becondale Road and the summer we got engaged. I love postcards, don't you? (this little jug I got from my grandma is one of my favourite things too, especially when it's got a few teeny flowers peeking out of it...)

My paper hydrangeas, handmade for me by A on our first wedding annivesary. There's one real petal in there too, a dried one from my bridal bouquet. Isn't he talented? To see them in real life, you'd swear they were real.

Play along with the fun next week (I think it's usually a Tuesday thing, but things are a bit busy chez Pugh these days, and I'm often a few days behind!), over at Dolce Vita or Bacwoods Fern. I have to confess that I am always curious to peek into other people's homes and see how their style reflects them. So please do let me know if you've posted your two things, so I can pop by and take a look!

Happy Thursday, all. Hope you're having a joyous jeudi thus far...
E xo


  1. You know you had me on the hydrangeas!! Kindred wedding spirits too it seems.
    Saw this on Micaela's this week - maybe I will give it a shot next week

  2. pretty two things!
    thanks for playing along and linking up!

  3. i loved your things because of how very sentimentl they are. Is that you in your wedding dress? BEAUTIFL!!!

    alan is quite talented- they look real from here. ;)

    i like peeking into people's homes, so thank you for indulging me. xo

    ps. where the sawyer poster you're hiding!? lol


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