Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Season premiere night

Last night, I ran faster than I ever have before. I was in a huge rush to finish running clinic and get home. I was so relieved the coach didn't want to give us a lecture about having proper shoes or doing the right kind of stretches or anything like that. Just run, run, run and done. With just enough time to prepare for an evening of LOST!!! (thanks to my mom who brought the boys home, all ready for bed in their pjs) Can you say premiere party?

There were plenty of Dharma beverages and snacks.

Dharma tattoos to go with the Dharma chocolate (check out my medical station symbol! I started out with the Hydra, but I am really quite useless at temp tattoos and it peeled off all wrong...)

Dharma lager- yum! Alan's tattoo is The Looking Glass station symbol, but you can't quite see it. It's just below the sleeve of his Dharma t-shirt. Which he wouldn't let me wear. Sigh.

Look at the joy on that face! The season premiere of the world's greatest show + a big bar of chocolate (after a gruelling run... evidenced by the frizzy hair and rosy cheeks) = total happiness.

Oooh! Is that Sawyer I see? My joy is complete!

I won't give anything away just yet, in case you haven't see the first episode (get on that, will you?!), but OH MY GOD. So good. So crazy. So confusing. It just wouldn't be LOST if it wasn't...

What did you think? Let's discuss!!!


  1. TOOO CUTE, both of you! from the dharma tats, to the drinks and chocolate. I LOVE IT!!! :)

    i thought of you as i watched (we shall discuss!) and the gushin over Sawyer. ;)

    SO GOOD though yes!

    can't wait to discuss it :) i so wish i was at your and alan's party. cuteness!!!!

  2. I LOVE LOST and I am so excited to see the latest season, hope they will show it soon here in France. That's funny, where did you get the Dharma products ?

  3. What's the guy with Jacob who was dressed in black/other Locke/smoke monster's name? Did they tell us last season. I can't remember.
    PS. Knew Sayid wasn't dead.
    PPS. If you haven't watched the show and are reading this, too bad for you. It's been long enough to keep the silence :)

    this is too INCREDIBLE!!
    HOW did you get all that fun dharma stuff!?! what a perfect way to celebrate the season premiere! i'm so jealous!
    seriously i am amazed!! {wish i could of come!}
    but lost... oh goodness
    can you believe we finally found out who/what the black smoke monster is!?
    and what about all the people dying?!! broke my heart.
    and something is different about sayid!! his voice was strange!!
    i love another lost blog buddy!!

  5. I hate to admit it, but I have never watched an episode of Lost, but reading you post I do regret it... If they ever do a re-run in Denmark I might have to watch it.

  6. Amanda- he hasn't been referred to by a name yet. In the LOST blogging community, we call him The Man in Black, Jacob's Nemesis, Smokey, Not-Locke... and there is speculation that his name is Esau. Time will tell, I suppose.
    Sayid- now inhabited by Jacob?

  7. How fun! What a way to watch! I wish my hubby & I would have done something more fun that like! =)

    Glad to find another lost fan! =)

  8. That's so Awesome!!! Where did you ever find all that dharma stuff?! Love it...

    It was SOOO GOOOOOD!!! Wee! I'm so excited. So is Sayid now Jacob come to battle it out with his nemesis in the John Locke body?!

    And what in the world is going on with living two lives?! Is it like when Desmond lived an entire lifetime and came back to the island as if nothing happened? So many questions!

    But it was so much fun seeing all our old friends from the early seasons... Charlie: "I was supposed to die." Priceless!

  9. Oh, my goodness! I would have loved to have been at your party! Awesome treats.

  10. I printed those labels too! Have you played LOST bingo - so worth it, and hilarious!


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