Sunday, February 14, 2010

A lovely day today

We had a really nice Valentine's Day today. We were up bright and early (too early for my liking, but what else is new?). The boys were super-excited, and consumed far too much chocolate, far too early in the morning.

I got spoiled with lots of little goodies from all my boys. Flowers, chocolates, pretty candles, and some very cute cards.

Can you see our Valentine tree in the background? Dylan personally pegged every paper heart onto it himself. He's very proud of that!

Sawyer was thrilled to get the bumblebee lollipop he'd had his eye on at Purdy's all last week.
Dinosaurs + chocolate = one happy four year old!

In the afternoon, Amanda came over with Thomas and Kilian for our Valentine's Day tea party. We had heart-shaped sandwiches (egg salad and cream cheese & cucumber- yum!) and vanilla cupcakes with pink and white icing. Oh, and pink milk, too! It was a picnic tea party on a big red blanket on the living room floor. So much fun.

All the boys were quite pleased to get to put their own Smarties on their cupcakes. It became a bit of a competition to see whose cupcake held the most.

Alan got right in on the action.

But I'm pretty sure Dylan was the winner.

After the food-fest, we took the boys to the pool for the Sweetheart Swim (basically a regular swim session, but with red, pink and white balloons all around the pool). It was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed soaking in the hot tub...

Now, the boys are in bed, and I need to get ready for tomorrow. The festivities aren't over yet! We're having a Valentines staff luncheon at school tomorrow, and exchanging our "secret Cupid" gifts. I love Secret Cupid! The table in the staff room will be covered with all of our beautifully wrapped gifts and anonymous messages, plus our tasty potluck lunch. What fun.

How was your Valentine's Day? I hope that, whatever you did and whoever you did it with, your day was happy and you felt oh-so-loved. I sure did. I love my Valentines, all three!
E xo


  1. So cute!

    The ladies' group at our church does a secret prayer pal where you have a pal all year long. So my lovely pal got me chocolate and made me a CD with two of my favorite artists. Really made my day extra special. Then my sis and I went to see a movie tonight. Lots of fun :)

  2. Wow - what a fun-filled day you guys had! Wish I could have taken part in the 'cupcake challenge' too!
    Glad to hear you had a fab day and like the sound of your school day too - do you get a half term holiday in February?

  3. Wow! It's like a pink christmas! It looks like such a fun and delicious time! :)

    I did homework and laundry, but also a city pillow fight, Dannon cooked me dinner, and there was much lounging. It was kind of perfect.

  4. ADORABLE!!! what a perfect valentines celebration. these photographs all made me smile. You have 3 of the most darling valentines :) lucky you!

    i had a really lovely valentines! I was happy with the roses/card from max and then he went and surprised me with a night away at a fancy hotel downtown. It was beautiful! and today... today i am right lazy. ha! but LOST is on tonight, and i can't wait ;) i know you can't wait- WHOOO!!!



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