Tuesday, January 05, 2010

You know you're old and boring

... when the sight of these beauties fills your heart with joy! It's true. I am really rather excited about the upcoming delivery of our new, beautiful, EnergyStar, front-loading washer/dryer pair! Hurrah for Boxing Day and its amazing sales! My life is about to become so much easier. Think of the time I will save. The money that won't be wasted. The beautiful clean clothes I'll be pleased to fold and put away (okay, maybe that's overdoing it a bit!). Think how stylish my laundry room is about to be. Hurrah! (it is my secret wish to have a laundry room like Martha Stewart's, one with huge, shiny counters to fold clothes on, lots of stylish storage, and detergent in pretty cannisters... And this, while not quite as fab as that, is a step in the right direction)

We pushed and pulled our old, not-too-efficient washer and dryer out the front door last night and bade them farewell. We sold them on to someone who needs them, someone who doesn't have a million loads of dirty, little-boy laundry to do each week. They just weren't doing what we needed them to any more, so it was time to move on to bigger, better, higher-capacity things!

Old and boring, me? Maybe a little bit. But at least I'll be old and boring in clean, soft clothes. And that will just have to do.

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  1. No way does this qualify you for old and boring! You will have tons of new time to do other exciting things, like spot-treat stains, now :)

  2. Oh how I wish I had a washer and dryer in my home!!! And counters in my kitchen... (I live in only 200 sq ft).

  3. Remember to only use HE detergent or you'll end up with a mold problem! It's not in the books that you HAVE to and we had problems with ours and had many, many phone calls to sort all out!


  4. I loved this! New things are always something to be excited about, even laundry machines. Let me know how those soft clothes are treating you :)


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