Monday, January 04, 2010

Caffeine, running, rain

Monday at lunch-hour, enjoying the sound of silence in my library, 3BT:

1. I got a Starbucks card for Christmas. And had just enough time to hit the drive-through on the way to work (my first day back) today. Hallelujah for the chai tea latte!

2. My mom emailed to say that yes, she can babysit the kids on Tuesday evenings. Which means I am registering in a running clinic, which starts two weeks from tomorrow! I am a bit nervous, but excited too. Just imagine how toned my thighs are going to be!

3. I love the sound of the rain on the skylights. So peaceful.


  1. Best post ever. Grandparents babysitting is the sweetest...especially for the kids :)

  2. Just think how great your chai tea latte will taste after your run clinic! Good for you! xoxo

  3. The sound of rain on skylights is one of my favourite noises!

    I'm embarrassed to say our movie selection was not the classiest - it was just whatever was on TV. Remember we have a lot less TV channels here in the UK than in the US, so please don't judge!! We watched *ahem* Robocop the other night. Also the first Terminator. Oh, and About A Boy. Maybe that will redeem our bad selection of movies!!

  4. Yummy! I got a Starbucks card for Christmas too...always a wonderful gift! And Grandparents babysitting = awesome!

    In response to your question re: Nancy Drew sidekicks - George all the way, baby! haha....:)

    Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by my blog - I appreciate it! :)


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