Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Pacific time, success, pizza parlour

It's late and we've got another early start tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. But quickly, before I go, here's my 3BT:

1. A lovely long phone date this afternoon with Em, in which I was able to laugh about some of the things which have been driving me bonkers lately. And we were in the same time zone! How convenient.

2. Reading in the newspaper tonight that my school was the top fundraiser for Pennies for Presents! Remember my super-successful hot chocolate sale? Well, apparently we raised over $750 and helped out a lot of families over the holidays. And we've won $500 to spend on new books for our library! I can hear the bookstore calling my name right now...

3. Dylan set up a "Pizza and Ice Cream Shop" in the living room tonight, with all our fun wooden food (gotta love Melissa and Doug) and Sawyer's new cash register. He wrote out a menu and took our orders and served them to us on a tray. It was priceless! "Don't worry if you haven't got enough money, Mum," he said to me. "You can always use your credit card."

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