Wednesday, January 13, 2010


... this beautiful bathroom, don't you? Imagine how gorgeous the tub must be! And I love the way the winter sunlight is flooding in. Aaah...


  1. If I could only have a full-sized sink like that! I have a teeny tiny mini sink. It's ridiculous!

  2. i practically squealed with delight at the sight of such a lovely bathroom....mmmmm...white could never be topped in my books!

  3. It's stunning! And I love the fresh flowers. If i had a window in my bathroom, I'd put a vase of fresh flowers on the sill.

  4. Nice bathroom. It's actually pretty cheap to make it look like that. Our pedestal was about $100. Bead board isn't expensive either. You should think about doing it if you love it. Plus you've got tons of storage in your bathroom, so you wouldn't need the cabinets underneath. We redid our entire bathroom, toilet, tub, window, floors, cloth shower curtain, mirror, shelf,light fixtures, towel bars all for $1200. You can find great stuff cheap if you buy it on sale and then just keep it for a while until you can do it all. You should make it a plan for 2010. Think of the joy :)
    (Although I really like the colour of your walls now in the bathroom.)

  5. thanks for the post, erin! i'm excited about your 10k. i personally think that's the best race. short and fast. or long and slow....depending on how you look at it!!! good luck and keep me posted!


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