Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday review

Yesterday was Alan's birthday. Birthdays = much excitement around here, believe me!

Monday when I got home from work we launched right into cake-baking mode! The boys were loving their new chef outfits, handmade for them by Nanny. Aren't they fantastic? I think at this point I was just adding the flour to the mix (which is why they're more than happy to stop what they're doing and smile for the camera). Flour is boring. My kids are all about the sugar and chocolate.
Hmmm, do I detect a chocolaty mustache forming on Dylan's face? (and the need for my straightening iron and smoothing hair stuff?!) Yep.

Yeah! Beaters! Sawyer lives for the part where the beaters come off and he's allowed to lick one.

Tuesday morning dawned bright and early, and it was Daddy's birthday! Dylan thought I might like to take his photo with Dad's presents...

I bought this fab Doctor Who wrapping paper at Heathrow on my way home from France this summer. How impressed are you that I remembered a) that I'd bought it in the first place, and b) where it was when it came time to wrap presents?!

Who wants to unwrap their own presents when a helpful two-year-old will do it for you?

Again, with the helpers!

Here comes the chocolate cake!

Blowing out the candles and making multiple wishes. Everyone who helps blow can make a wish, right?

I hope Alan enjoyed his birthday as much as the boys did, because they were loving it, every single second! Now they want to know, whose birthday is next?


  1. Cake looks delicious and yes we are very impressed by the paper!
    Whose is next then?

  2. Cake was indeed delicious! Trying to avoid eating more of it every time I open the fridge and see it staring at me!

    We have lots of cousins' birthdays in the next month plus an uncle and a nanny, and then it's Dylan in March and me in April. Birthday season is upon us!

  3. Those chef outfits are so Cute! I want one! :)

  4. It's funny how you get months like that isn't it - ours starts next month. I have October free, it is the only month I never have to buy a card for something! I am sure that will change very soon. Is Dylan counting down yet? I love that they still do the 1/2 and 3/4 at that age! xx


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