Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

On Saturday, we made our trip out to the tree farm, in search of the perfect Christmas tree. The boys were so excited!

Sawyer was wearing someone else's mittens. He thought the chickens were hilarious.

Dylan was determined to pick out just the right tree. And he couldn't wait to help cut it down.

We finally chose this one. It tried to get away, but we caught up with it! (sorry, lame joke... but I couldn't resist)

Dylan was reluctant to return his saw. But he was quite intrigued with the giant mesh bags they wrapped the trees in.

He and Erie were quite taken with the horses. Maybe if there'd been snow we could have gone for a ride in a one-horse open sleigh!

After some hot chocolate, candy canes and a quick warm-up by the fire, we were on our way home to get the tree up in the living room.

Sawyer absolutely loved climbing up the step ladder to hang ornaments on the tree.

Dylan did too. It was a constant battle. "It's my turn now, Mum!" "No, it's my turn!"

Just a few of our lovely decorations. I love how they look with the twinkly white lights. See my little bird cage?

It's a pretty little tree, don't you think? I wish it were bigger though. I like a really big tree. I have to confess to being rather disappointed once it was up in our living room. It looked so much bigger out in the field. We had fun decorating it though. And I'm happier with it now that it's trimmed with our beautiful ornaments. Plus, Dylan has reassured me that we can get a much bigger one next year. So I won't fret about it any longer. I'll sit in my living room, by the fire, with the lights turned low, and admire how pretty it is while I drink my tea. I'll be grateful for all my blessings this Christmas and remember how lucky I am.

Tell me... What kind of Christmas tree do you like?


  1. i love your twinkling christmas tree!!!

    i spot my ornaments to you and it warms my heart ;)

    your boys are PRECIOUS! (can i say this too many times? i think not!)

    i dream of having a little pink tree :)

    frou frou at it's best.


  2. It looks like a perfect tree to me! Can't wait to see it (oh, and you) very very soon!

    Em xoxo


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