Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home for the Holidays

My brother-in-law Philip is an elementary school teacher (like many of us in this family). He recently gave his students an assignment, to write an essay about what the word home means to them. The idea originated with a contest sponsored by Habitat for Humanity. The really great thing about the prize is that it isn't actually for the winner. It's a house, built by the folks at Habitat in the winner's home area, for a family that really needs it. Isn't that cool? How's that for the spirit of Christmas? One of Philip's students' essays was selected, from over 2000 entries, as a finalist. So, to help him help a family in Victoria have their dream come true, I'm asking you to read his essay and choose it as the best! Go here to read it. You'll be impressed by the writing of a 9-year-old, and hopefully inspired to help. Vote, up to 14 times, for Wynn from Brentwood, BC. Then spread the word to all your friends and family. Wouldn't it be a wonderful Christmas present for a Victoria-area family to receive? It sort of puts a whole new spin on coming home for the holidays, doesn't it?

I have such lovely readers. I just know this sort of thing will be right up your alley!

Erin x


  1. i totally voted!!! (a few times!) I LOOOVED this bit: "Dreaming about when you grow up. Being a spaceman or a firefighter. Sinking beneath the sea as a scuba diver. I couldn't imagine living without dreams. My home grounds them, and without a home, I wouldn't have any."

    just beautiful. xo

  2. Beautifully written and just brilliant for a 9 year old too!
    Voted to the max!


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