Monday, December 21, 2009

Festival of Trees

Every year we go with our friend Erie to check out the Festival of Trees at the Fairmont Empress Hotel (have I ever mentioned that we stayed there on our wedding night? Oh... I have? Well did I mention how lovely it was?) We had fun this year looking at all the trees. Some of them were a bit over the top.

The Twilight tree was pretty fun though!

Edward Cullen makes quite the brooding snowman, doesn't he? (and no, I didn't steal one off the tree to take home!)

Dylan liked this tree that had a phone box direct to the North Pole. You could call and leave Santa a message!

The construction site tree is always a hit with my boys.

They thought the Toy Story tree was pretty cool, too.

The Olympic Torch tree was sort of lame, but I had to take a photo, didn't I?

Little Quatchi will soon be all over our televisions and billboards, as the Winter Olympics come to Vancouver in just a few months. I figured I needed to show you all what our mascot looks like!

The Candy Land tree was pretty.

Sawyer loved this carousel. He loved it so much he busted one of the horses right off it when I was looking the other way. Oh dear! I did my best to reattach it and we got out of there quick!

Christmas must be so magical through the eyes of a two-year old.


  1. how fun!

    and oh my goodness, that Twilight tree?!!? AHHH love!

  2. Knew you'd like that Micaela. That's one of the reasons I posted photos of it!


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