Monday, December 21, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

The last day of preschool before Christmas vacation was an exciting one. All the kids from all three classes came together for a big pancake breakfast, complete with a visit from the man in red himself!
First we had breakfast, with Christmas crackers! Exciting! We'd never had crackers at a breakfast before. Usually more of a Christmas dinner thing, no?

No Christmas cracker would be complete without a cheap paper crown to wear!

Dylan's preschool class. 4 year olds are so excited at Christmas time, believe me. You have no idea how loud it was in that room.

Sawyer had a great time at the craft table. That kid loves glitter!

Then it was time to sit patiently and wait for Santa to come. We sang Jingle Bells three times before he found his way to the roof of the church and headed in to see us!

Ho ho ho!

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