Thursday, December 03, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

There's no doubt that it's December. The air is crisp and cold and the world is covered in a sparkly (and thick!) layer of frost. It's got me daydreaming of snow, and imagining myself in this picture of a snowy day in the UK! How lovely to be walking along a London shopping street, with a Burberry bag loaded down with gifts, and stopping at a big red post box to send off a stack of Christmas cards... After that, a trip to Thorntons to warm up with tea and chocolate. Perfect, non?

PS: Things are crazy busy around here. Full on Christmas madness. I need to plan my time carefully and spread things out so I can really enjoy all the fun of the holidays and not end up overwhelmed/stressed out/exhausted. Any tips? I'd love to hear them. This is my favourite time of the year. I want to relish it!

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  1. You are right, that must be so wonderful to see London under a layer of snow, as well as Paris. Enjoy the Christmas time in lovely London !

  2. It's been a few years since I was able to spend Christmas time in lovely London. This year it will be summer time instead! A girl can dream though...

  3. You said it sister-this is the {ultimate} wonderful time of the year. Although it is crazy-would you have it any other way?!

  4. Sorry no tips from me. I'm already overwhelmed/stressed out/ exhausted.
    Lovely picture though :)

  5. Wish it truly snowed like that here in England though! It is very rare, especially at Christmas - maybe we can dream!
    Suggestions for not getting stressed out (it's very difficult -I now feel time is galloping away from me!) but this year the planner from has really helped me. I posted about it a while ago and has helped to see things laid out.

  6. oh how i'd love to see snow! esp. in the UK.

    every year i tell myself i'm going to start saving earlier and buying gifts months in advance so i won't wait til the last minute...

    it NEVER happens. lol i AM that last minute shopper.

    the only thing i do is make lists... and plan out my pay days. not much help huh? oh and schedule in a bubble bath :)

    ps. the santa pic with your two boys is ADORABLE!!!!


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