Friday, November 13, 2009

Snow warning?

As I was driving on the parkway this morning, I passed a giant sign, all lit up, on the side of the road. It read, "Please do not park your vehicle on cul-de-sacs, effective Nov. 15th. Your snowplow operators thank you!"

Snow plow operators? Oh my. I guess it must be winter. Whether or not we'll have as much snow as we did last year remains to be seen. But obviously, we're getting ready for it. Which is a good idea. Because it's snowed every year for the past several years, and it always takes everybody by surprise and nobody is ever ready for it. I've never seen a sign like that one before. Somebody around here is forward planning! I hope this means they'll actually plow our street if it snows. Because I'm pretty certain they didn't last year.

And as long as we're talking about snow, how about a snowman? I love snowmen. They're so much more fun than say, getting stuck in a ditch in a snowstorm...

image via the oh-so-festive Belle & Boo (I want this print!)

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  1. I love that print!
    Snowplow operators? Who knew Victoria had such a thing? What do they do the other 51 weeks a year? Hmmm.


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