Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Eve in Russia

... is just so beautiful! The Alberta Ballet production of The Nutcracker was magical, amazing, gorgeous, stunning, spectacular and a joy to behold! We had a fab night out and were all very much in the Christmas spirit. Amanda got some good photos of the four of us, and I've included a few of them below. And then there are some lovely ones of the ballet itself. I wasn't supposed to take them, but I couldn't resist one at the beginning and a few right at the very end... (and I used the museum function, so there was no flash)

Hilarious. We were in hysterics during the intermission. (and wow, is it ever a good thing I'm finally getting my hair cut next week... those bangs are ridiculously long... they're so long they're not even really bangs anymore!)

My very photogenic sister. She always looks good.

They mocked me for "posing" with my arms like that, but whatever. I think I look glam (just kidding!)

A street in Russia, Christmas Eve, right before the party begins...

In the Land of the Sweets.

Hurrah for the Russian dancers!

Klara takes a bow. It was a good choice for them to use a professional dancer in this role. She was graceful and able to do so much more than if she'd been played by a local child (which is usually the tradition). The kids were marvellous as the mice though!

The Sugar Plum Fairy in all her splendour!


  1. Oh your post has made me desperately want to go to the theatre to see something festive. I went to the theatre to see a panto last year with the school I was working at and it was a really great way to get in the spirit of Christmas and I loved watching the childrens faces light up at the songs and comedy too!
    We have a film called Nativity just out here this weekend and I really want to take my two eldest nephews to see it, they love the trailer and it is all about a school nativity play. It looks really funny and just the thing for a) a teacher and b)this run up to Christmas.
    Hope you had a fab weekend besides the wonderful theatre xx

  2. "Museum function"... hee hee!

    Glad you had such a good night! xoxo

  3. You actually got some pretty good ones considering you weren't using a flash. They always look so much farther away in photos, don't they? If I had the money I would have gone and seen it again today. I loved it so much! Can't wait until next year.

  4. Lucky you! This looks like so much magical fun...thanks for the sneak peek! :)

    And don't you let your girlies tease you! I always pose with my hands like seriously makes women look 10 pounds thinner...and I'm willing to admit that I NEED that! :) You look glam, glam, glam but probably would look that way regardless of your hand placement! :)


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