Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Auntie Pat!

Today was Auntie Pat's 50th birthday. We celebrated her special day with a great big family birthday party. It was loads of fun.

There was cake. And confetti.

Kilian rolled around on the floor quite a bit. Like you do at a good party.

Dylan wore his fancy party hat. And ate all sorts of goodies with his cousins.

There's the birthday girl, with her two favourite nieces!

Amanda and Uncle Ted enjoying some yummy egg salad sandwiches. It wouldn't be a party for AP without egg salad sandwiches...

Sawyer had a super time. He ran around in his underwear and ate way too many sweets. Occasionally he stopped for a cuddle with his mummy.

Linda and Mercedes. Talk about some serious family resemblance!

Corrine, AP and Amanda, looking lovely in black.

After the slide show (which featured so many fantastic old family photos and lots of sentimental music), we finally got to the cake!!! Auntie Pat let the boys blow out her candles. She's an awesome aunt like that.

See? I told you he was running around in his underpants. When he wasn't sitting and eating cake in them, of course.

Happy Birthday Auntie Pat! We love you. Here's to 50 more!

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