Thursday, October 15, 2009


You should read this post on Mommy Coddle. It might just change your perspective on today, and make you appreciate the "normal" moments a wee bit more. It did for me. And today, it's just exactly what I needed. Life flies by, in a blur of moments. I want to stop and appreciate them, no matter how small (or seemingly annoying or ridiculous). Come back later for my 3BT... three small, mundane, but beautiful things I'm determined to be thankful for today.

PS: Upon re-reading that, I think I sound a bit bossy. Sorry! I'm the oldest child. I was born bossy.

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  1. It doesn't sound bossy at all. It sounds like you're recommending it. You needn't be so sensitive :)
    I read it and it was well worth the read.


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