Friday, October 23, 2009

After the rain

Last Sunday, we took the boys for a long walk. Saturday had been rainy and dark, so we were happy to see some sunshine and decided to go looking for puddles. We found plenty!

We also came across a leaf or two.


The boys put their boots to good use and did some serious splashing.

Then we walked down the trail to the new little lake. Isn't it cute? I hope they cover the bridge. Because who doesn't love a covered bridge?

Dylan decided to run a few laps of the lake. Running in boots is tricky, but he's got it all figured out.

Lounging in boots is more my style...

"Fishing" with sticks. They love doing this. Even Alan got in on the action.

My adorable little fisherman.

Sawyer likes to peek through small spaces. Here he is admiring the water, through the fence.

All three of my boys, heading home for a hot lunch.

It was a really wonderful morning. I'm looking forward to more like it this fall...

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