Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Wonderful wedding

On Saturday, our little Cliffie got married! Seems like just yesterday I was babysitting him, and driving him around to all his various baseball games and other school-boy stuff, and now he is all grown up and married to the lovely Kirsten. We had an amazing time at their wedding.

The cake wasn't just beautiful, it tasted like heaven. With a lemony hint to it.

I adored the lanterns overhead!

My sis and I, looking pretty!

Alan and me, all dressed up and out together, sans enfants... doesn't happen often!

Me and Michelle. Did you know I taught her to love No Doubt? I had no idea I was that cool.

Shanda and Amanda, looking lovely.

Everything about the day was perfect, from the sometimes touching, sometimes hilarious vows, to the delicious food, to the beautiful cake, to the sparkling wine, to the fantastic dance party (ooh yeah, Bust a Move!) that followed! And I loved getting to wear my gorgeous dress to another wedding this summer... just 4 weeks after Em's fabulous wedding in France. Has it really been just 4 weeks? It feels like a lot longer ago that that.

PS: I can't even believe that I didn't get a single decent photo of the bride and groom. Amanda, send me some, won't you please?

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