Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Picture perfect Sunday

This past weekend was a great one. On Saturday afternoon, we took the boys swimming, which they loooove, and then we went out for Greek food which I love (with a quick pit-stop at my favourite local clothing store for a cute little plaid skirt I've had my eye on). The boys went straight to bed without a peep after their busy day of splashing and eating, so Alan and I were able to get two episodes of Lost in! Sunday was a day to go grocery shopping, plan our meals for the week, and to work in the garden. We planted and watered and raked and played and it was so much fun. We got filthy, but it didn't matter, because Sunday night is pretty much always bath night around here. The weather was perfect, that late-summer, almost-autumn kind of weather. The sun was warm, but the breeze was cool. It was a great family weekend, just the right combination of busy and lazy. There were jobs to be done and places to go, but there was also plenty of time to lounge about in pajamas. I'm hoping this coming weekend will be just the same...

I love my fall mums on the front steps.

We took about a million photos with the timer, trying to get a good one for the "family wall" at Dylan's preschool. A few of them turned out not too bad.

Okay, maybe an actual photographer (to entertain the troops) wouldn't be a bad idea...

Super close up! (why is my nose so red? maybe that cool breeze? weird)

I love this shot. Dylan is absolutely gorgeous, and my nose is not red. Have printed it out several times already. I've got one in a frame at work and one at home. Might just be sending you one in the mail too...

Sawyer loves his daddy.

But he'll run away from him given the opportunity. Wheee!

I've taught him that running with a shovel is okay, so long as it's a plastic one!

I'll be so sad when he outgrows his "Red lorry, yellow lorry" shirt. We bought it for Dylan the Christmas we were in England, and it is one of my favourites.

Dylan likes to mow the lawn, and be "just like Dad."

Nothing says fall like a smiley scarecrow.

The end.

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