Thursday, September 17, 2009

New year's resolutions

The second week of school was even busier than the first. I have found myself feeling frantic, frazzled, distracted and overwhelmed. Not necessarily with the school stuff, but with juggling it all. The meal-planning and making, the laundry, the drop-offs and pick-ups and everything in between. I seem to be dashing around far too often, and getting grumpy far too quickly. So. Not. Good. I need to to find the balance, because I know it is there, and completely attainable (I've been doing this for a few years now, after all!) I need to get back into the groove, the one where I know what I am doing, where and when. The one where everyone gets taken care of, including me.

So my new (school) year resolutions are going to be these:
~ Half an hour to myself every single day, to just sit, relax and drink a cup of tea (could be on my lunch hour, after the boys are in bed at night, in the morning on a weekend when Alan is home... doesn't matter, so long as it happens)
~ Time put aside just to play with the boys and not to worry so much about the mess. They will only be little for so long. What a shame to miss it because I was mopping.
~A to-do list that I can actually check off, so no more than 5 things on it at a time. A do-able to-do list, if you will! (and maybe separate ones, for work and home) Must also learn to delegate.
~ Figuring out how to stick to the exercise routine. I am finding it much more difficult now that it's dark at 8 pm and I have to be out the door before 8 am. But again, do-able. If I schedule it, it will happen. And I'll feel way better for it. And my cute new clothes will continue to fit!
~ Remind myself of my new mantra, "Keep calm and carry on." Followed by several slow, deep breaths. And perhaps another cup of tea?

I guess what it all boils down to is this: be good to myself. A happy me = a happy family. And a happy family is what it's all about, right?

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  1. Happy family = happy you = happy friends = happy students = happy neighbours = happy fellow bloggers...


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