Friday, September 11, 2009

Book of the Week

This is a beautiful book, and the first one I read to my classes when book exchanges begin each fall. It is a fixture in my library, and is always proudly displayed (except of course when it is signed out, which is even better!) I love the gentle, watercolour illustrations and I adore the story. A lion, intrigued by his stone likeness outside the public library, decides to head on in and take a look around. He quickly learns the rules of the library from Miss Merriweather and her assistant, Mr McBee- particularly the one that says roaring is not allowed- but he's willing to abide by them for the opportunity to partake in storytime each afternoon. The pictures of the lion helping out in the library are marvellous~ he uses his tail to dust the shelves, licks the envelopes containing the overdue notices, and lets the kids cuddle up against him while they read. The lion becomes something of a permanent fixture in the library, until the day he has to break a rule to help his friend, Miss Merriweather. I won't tell you what happens next... You'll just have to go out, to the library, and find out for yourself! I promise you'll be glad you did.

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