Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Book of the Week

We've had this book for years. Alan bought it for me the summer I was living with him in London and I loved it (he always picks the best kids' books for me to read to my classes, and now to our own kids). What's not to love really? Nick Sharratt's illustrations are always so great. Bright and colourful but oh-so-simple. Dylan quite enjoyed this book for a while, before moving on to bigger and more complicated stories. This week though, Eat Your Peas is enjoying a comeback in our house. Sawyer is crazy for it and requests it every evening at bedtime. It's about a little girl called Daisy (who Sawyer refers to as "Rosie"... go figure!) who refuses to eat her peas, no matter what her frazzled mum offers her in exchange. Not even 100 puddings and a trip to Superland will sway her. And just wait till you see how she turns the tables on Mum at the end. This book is a lot of fun, with the mother's hilarious bribes and Daisy's continued chorus of "I don't like peas!" Sawyer shouts along with her every time. Not the most relaxing bedtime book, but I recommend it anyway. Maybe read it in the morning instead?

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  1. I quite like peas myself. But the French insist on selling them in tin cans, so they're all grey and squishy. Yuck. Give me green and frozen, please!


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