Wednesday, September 09, 2009


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There's magic in the air with a date like that! Make a wish (or two or three) and it just might come true...

I'm wishing for lots of things today. For the boys to have a good long nap, for a letter in my mailbox from one of my many faraway friends, for a lovely sunny autumn (with lots of crunchy leaves and not too many dark, rainy days) and a winter that isn't quite as cold as last year's. I'm wishing for inspiration and patience and a positive attitude that prevails. I'm wishing for enough money to get all four of us to England and France next summer, for a productive and fun school year, and for a healthy fall and winter with nary a case of swine flu in sight! I'm wishing for my boys to be the happiest, kindest, most confident boys they can be. I'm wishing for a kitchen or bathroom reno (or both!), for new curtains on all my windows, and shiny clean kitchen counters every day. I'm wishing for Kelly's roof to be finished so she can stay dry in her new house and that it won't be too long until I see her again. I'm wishing for more time with my sister (having afternoon tea, peut-etre?) I'm wishing for a really incredibly fantastic final season of Lost (and I'm also wishing Lost would never end... sigh...) I'm wishing JK Rowling would change her mind and write just one more book about Harry. I'm wishing for a night out with my husband, maybe a fancy dinner somewhere and then a walk along the causeway. I'm wishing for a pedicure and a haircut and a new pair of yoga pants and running shoes, for a healthy body and a workout routine I can stick to. I'm wishing for my best friend to be cancer-free.

What are you wishing for?


  1. That's a lot of wishes...and I hope they all come true (especially the bathroom and kitchen redo!) for you :)

    Tonight I'm wishing for a solid night's sleep. Life has been a little wild as of late, and I would love to lay my head on the pillow, and fall fast, fast, fast asleep.

    Here's to our wishes! :)

  2. Sweet dreams, Bethany. Hope your wish comes true!

  3. That last one is my number one wish, Em.
    xoxoxoxoxo to you, too!


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