Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bon voyage!

It's Wednesday night. A week ago, I was on a plane, on my way to Europe, and now I'm home again. How crazy is that? What a busy week it was...

Last Wednesday, after a morning visit to Starbucks with Alan and the boys, I headed into Sidney. Left the van at Amanda's and she took me to the ferry. How excited was I?

See ya, sister! I'm going to France!

I ate lunch in the buffet, sent text messages to Em (I'm on the ferry! I'll see you soon!), and read the first of many magazines. I also admired the view as we passed another ferry in Active Pass.

I was at the airport well ahead of schedule, so spent time shopping for a few last-minute items (a 9-hour flight requires lots of snacks and reading material after all...), drinking tea, and updating my Facebook status (Erin is at the airport! Erin is boarding the plane!) Finally, at 8 o'clock, it was time to go. I was really on my way! And except for the usual frantic, "Please God, don't let us crash!" at take-off, I was beyond excited and ready for my French adventure...

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