Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book(s) of the Week

We love Leslie Patricelli's books about "Baby" and his many adventures. They are hilarious! I love how he never wears anything but his diaper, and the look on his face in some of the pictures is just priceless. Every time we return one of these books to the library, Sawyer makes a beeline for the P shelf and starts re-stocking. He knows the stories word for word, shouting out, "Soup yummy! Soap yucky!" or "Lady big! Ladybug little!" Most of the books are about opposites, as you've no doubt surmised. Our current faves are Yummy Yucky and Big Little. No No Yes Yes is a good one, too... You should really check them out. They'll make you smile, I promise!


  1. We have this too and it is the BEST. Amelia thinks it is YUMMY

  2. We'll have to look for these at the libraryon our trip tomorrow, I'm sooo out of touch! Thanks for another great suggestion.


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