Saturday, April 18, 2009

Making the most of it

Kelly was away this week and I couldn't find a sitter for the boys, so I stayed home from school on Thursday. It was lovely. I got about a million loads of laundry done, scrubbed the kitchen floor, drank a gallon or two of tea, made a big pot of vegetable soup (mmm, comfort food!) and got to spend some extra time with the boys. Because I accomplished so much on Thursday, Friday was a bonus day to just have fun. We played in the garden, got a pile of brand new library books, and we even had a picnic lunch in the living room (it was drizzling at the time...)

So, 3BT in photos:

Dylan, running across the lawn, playing soccer (with a basketball, but never mind...)

Sawyer, full of fun and mischief, in the rockpile.

And two little boys, enjoying their lunch on the living
room floor, complete with a red & white checked picnic blanket. It's difficult to see in this photo, but we even had fancy, tea-party type napkins and a plate of fancy sweets.


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