Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We are the champions!

Remember back in December when I posted a link to a video clip of me on our local paper's website, talking about the Pennies for Presents fundraiser? Well, the results are in, and... my school was the top fundraiser of all the elementary schools in Greater Victoria. We raised over $750 (in pennies!) for Santa's Anonymous and the Mustard Seed Food Bank. And not only did we do some good for our community this Christmas, but we also won the $250 prize to spend on new books for the school library. Yay, David Cameron Elementary! The girls from my Grade 6 Science class helped me to receive the money from the editor of the paper last week. We were quite excited, as you can see! To read the brief article from today's newspaper, follow the link below:


  1. Thats AWESOME!!! Congratulations and way to go!

  2. Way to go! The new layout for the blog looks great!

  3. Well done Erin, thought it was great idea and one we could use in our school.

  4. We have that in that program here, but it's called Pennies from Heaven.


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