Monday, March 09, 2009

Dylan's fabulous fourth!

Take 1 birthday boy, 4 party guests, several party games ("Pin the driver on the train", anyone?!), loads of train-shaped cookies to decorate (and eat!), 1 pinata, many exciting parcels and 2 train shaped cakes... Put them all together and what do you get? One very happy birthday!

Dylan had a marvellous fourth birthday celebration that lasted from Friday through until today. He had a sleepover at Gramma and Grampa's on Friday night, followed by a day of shopping and eating out (also with Gramma! how fun is that?), then his train-themed birthday party extravaganza on Sunday, a birthday present treasure hunt and family dinner on Monday (his real birthday) and cupcakes and the birthday song with his friends at preschool this morning. What a lot of fun for one little four year old! No wonder he's a bit glum now that it's all over. "How long until my next birthday, Mum?" he wants to know!


  1. Happy Birthday, Dylan! What a gorgeous cake, did your Mummy make it? (If so I am very impressed, fondant and everything!)

    Another gorgeous family celebration, thanks for sharing!

  2. Alan made the cake! Isn't it marvellous?!


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