Friday, March 13, 2009

Postcards, rosy cheeks, vacation

My 3BT for the day:

Got a postcard from Em today, from London (still a bit jealous about that!). It's gone straight onto the fridge, next to the other recent postcards from Em. She is one of my favourite friends, my very best correspondant and even though she lives in France, a million miles away, we are as close as ever. I love that.

My sleepy babies. I love when I go into their room at night, or first thing in the morning to wake them up (this is rare, they usually wake me!) and they're all warm and peaceful, with lovely rosy cheeks. I resist the urge to pick them up and squeeze them, for fear I'll wake them up. Always lean in for a kiss, though. They looked particularly gorgeous last night when I crept in...

It is the first day of spring break. Everyone else is at work still, but I have Fridays off, so I get to start vacation a day early. This is the first of 10 days in a row. Dylan is thrilled about it, and so am I. Spring break means trips to the park (Beacon Hill to feed the ducks and brush the goats) and the museum (hello again, wooly mammoth!) and the lake. No rushing out the door to get to Kelly's and school. No shouts of "Boots on, now! I said NOW!" Just a chance to relax and regroup and spend some time with my little lovelies. Looking forward to it.


  1. I am feeling quite honoured to be mentioned in your blog two days in a row! This is another lovely post. Glad you got my postcard. And keep your eye on that mailbox...

    Happy Spring Break to you!

  2. What a nice read 3BT is! Hope you keep it up.

    And enjoy your boys this week. Although it's just a break from two days of preschoo,l the spring break mind and mood never goes, I think. We have made many plans. Off to the Vancouver Aquarium we go on Monday!


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