Sunday, March 15, 2009

Irish weather, little boy birthdays, tummies

3BT aujourd'hui:

1. The weather today was WILD. Rain, snow, sleet, sun, wind, rainbows... Reminded me of Ireland. Every second outdoors an adventure! Would love to get back to Lisavargy, sit in Wendy's kitchen, drinking tea and catching up...
2. Thomas had his construction themed birthday party today. Dylan and I went and had a delightful time. The hardhats were fantastic, the toolboxes terrific. I especially enjoyed watching the kids beat the pinata to a pulp. Hilarious!
3. Put my boys in the tub this evening, under the shower. They both kept sticking their tummies into the water. Oh how I love their little tummies! And the smell of them, fresh out of the tub, all towelled off, getting into their jammies. Mmmmm.

Off to watch mindless tv with my husband. Hurrah for Sunday night!

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