Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 10 (how did that happen?)

So here it is, the last day of spring break. I really did enjoy having some time off. It was great to sleep in (sort of), to lounge in jammies half the day, to take the boys out and about, and to visit with friends. We did so many things in 10 days! Miniature world? Check. Museum? Check. Lunch out? Check. Puddle-splashing? Check. Painting and cutting and gluing? Check. Playdates? Check. Library visits? Check. Ice-cream cones? Check. Swimming? Check. The only thing I didn't really get to was the spring cleaning (oops)! All in all, a very good break! I'm very grateful for it, and am looking forward to the summer, when I can be home all the time.

And speaking of grateful, I've fallen behind on my 3BT! So here are three (or maybe more) things that have made me gleeful of late:

1. Walking in puddles in my polka-dotted gumboots, holding Sawyer's hand.
2. Drinking tea and nibbling cookies in the sunshine with Kelly, while we watch all five kids happily loading rocks in and out of Tonka dump-trucks.
3. Succumbing to the impulse to run out to Wal-Mart at 9 o'clock on Saturday night to buy myself one of the last copies of Twilight on dvd, and then coming home to watch it and eat popcorn.

And a few more, for good measure... waking up to Dylan calling out, "I love you, Mum!", watching the birds flitting about on the bush outside the front window, millions of dark purple crocuses blooming in the front garden, staying up late laughing and talking with Alan, and... getting compliments from at least two people today who have noticed that I've been losing weight. It feels good!

Photos soon of the last few days of our adventures. Now, I must go pack my lunch for tomorrow. Sweet spring dreams,

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