Monday, October 06, 2008

October already

Well, there's no denying it any longer. It's time to put the flip-flops away... because summer is absolutely, positively over. The air is cool, it's been pouring rain for days, the leaves are blowing off the trees, it's dark when we get up in the morning, and we've even started lighting the wood-stove in the evenings. And to top it all off, we've all got nasty colds. Cold and flu season has arrived with a vengeance at the Pugh house. Just as one cold is ending (good-bye, nasty cough), along comes a new one (hello, runny noses)... ugh! We've been spending lots of time indoors, drinking tea (or Dylan's favourite, hot "coklit") and keeping warm. Oh, to be on a beach somewhere! (speaking of beaches... to make the long wait for Lost season 5 more bearable, Alan and I have been re-watching the show from the beginning... it's a fun way to spend the evenings, puzzling out the mysteries of Flight 815 and the Others, never mind appreciating my favourite character over and over again ;~)

Believe it or not, even though we're sick and it's been raining forever, I do love the fall. No one is a bigger fan of autumn leaves than me! Ask Alan how often I point out a beautiful red/orange/yellow tree and he'll no doubt roll his eyes (yep, it's that often!) Besides the lovely colours of autumn, there are a few good holidays to enjoy in October, too. Next weekend there's Thanksgiving (who doesn't love a big turkey dinner?), and after that it's Halloween! Dylan keeps changing his mind about his costume. Right now he can't decide if he'd rather be Darth Vader (hmmm, wonder who gave him that idea?) or a pumpkin. I'll keep encouraging him to pick the friendlier of the two (and if he decides to go with the Star Wars theme? Then Daddy gets to make the costume!) We are really looking forward to carving jack o'lanterns, decorating the windows and trick-or-treating in our very festive neighbourhood.

That's about all for now. I'm at work and lunch hour is almost over, so I'd better go get organized for the afternoon. I'm working in the school library again, and am also teaching Grade 6 Science, and Grade 1 Music... it's keeping me on my toes, juggling all these different roles! Not only am I Mum (caregiver, cuddler, storyteller, preparer of meals, housekeeper, preschool parent and fundraiser) and Erin (wife, friend, sister, daughter, teacher, librarian, Lost fan, pen-pal extraordinaire etc. etc.), now I'm a scientist and a singer, too. Good thing I'm a decent juggler, hey?

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  1. I still haven't had the heart to banish my flipflops to the attic... But I am definitely all about the fall leaves. Love l'automne! Oh, and speaking of fall, Happy Thanksgiving to you and the boys!


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