Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"You've got mail!"

Who loves mail? We do! So imagine our excitement yesterday afternoon when, in the middle of our rather mundane vacuuming, the doorbell rang... and we discovered the postman on the front step. With a parcel! Dylan was thrilled to bits to receive mail from Granny and Grandad. I love these photos of him checking out his new CBeebies magazines (complete with bonus gifts- love British mags for that!) He had the greatest time playing with his new frog game (he and Alan were laughing their heads off last night, as the frogs flew through the air and landed in all sorts of amusing places) and flipping through the pages of both magazines. Several times I was summoned with, "Look, Mum! Look! It is Postman Pat! It is 'In the Night Garden'! It is Spencer from Balamory!" Such a great surprise on a drizzly afternoon. After his nap today, we're going to do some colouring, cutting and stickering (I know, it's not really a word!) How fun is that?

Thank you, Granny and Grandad! Watch the post for some special colouring done just for you... CBeebies-themed, of course!


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  1. Erin
    Love the look on Dylans face as he is opening up the sweet! Hope your enjoying the summer and maybe we will see you soon.


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