Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Winding down to autumn

Three weeks until Labour Day, three weeks until summer vacation is over... When I think of it like that, it seems as though the summer has flown by! But looking back over it, we have done so many things and had so much fun (with the exception of several colds, the flu and Sawyer's head injury!)... it's like it's been summer forever! And it's not over yet. We are still looking forward to a few more exciting activities before we go back to our old routine: - a trip downtown on the bus to Beacon Hill Park, and possibly to ride on a harbour ferry
- a sleepover for Dylan at Island View Beach (Auntie Pat is brave enough to have D and his cousin Thomas stay the night in her trailer!)
- preschool preparation (Dylan is about to get his very own backpack and likely some new school clothes and shoes)
- Sawyer learning to walk for real (he's taken a few tentative steps lately and is soooo pleased with himself... it's thrilling to watch him as he stands on his own and reaches out for you with a huge grin on his face!)
- Wade's wedding (we are very excited about this, especially Dylan, who is looking forward with delightful anticipation to the cupcake-tower wedding cake!)

No doubt we'll have plenty more photos to show you very soon... Until then, ciao! Hope you're all enjoying your summers as much as we are,

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