Monday, January 14, 2008

Super Nanny

We really got used to having Nanny around at Christmas-time. She was here from Dec. 20th until Jan. 8th and we had a wonderful time. Dylan especially loved having her here. She's just so good at playing Fireman Sam, driving diggers, and making Teletubbies play-dough creations! And she lets you comb her hair, just for fun! Now that she's gone, we want to let her know we miss her and hope she'll be back again "very very soon" (Dylan is still wondering where she is when we get up in the mornings). In the meantime, we look forward to skyping with her, and we think of her fondly whenever we sing the cup of tea song!

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  1. Probably some brilliant computer techie thing that I have no clue about, but what is 'skyping'????

    Looks like Dylan had a wonderful time! I remember Papa walways letting me comb his hair when I was little, AND put it in rollers, maybe next time Dylan can give that a go.

    Hope you are all well and had a fabulous holiday!


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