Thursday, December 06, 2007


Gingerbread house decorating day at Kelly's was a big success! Just check out our deliciously decorated houses. Don't they look good enough to eat? ;~) There were a lot of sticky fingers, some very tempting treats, and Christmas carols on the stereo, too! Lots of fun.

Dylan emptied out his piggy bank this morning, and has taken Daddy downtown on the bus to do some Christmas shopping. We'll meet up later, when I'm finished sewing Sawyer's stocking (to match the rest of the family's of course) over at Auntie Pat's house. This afternoon we'll start decorating the tree (finally got all the lights and beads on... what a huge job that is!) and this evening we're going to our local Starbucks' "Cheer Party" where we hear there will be complimentary holiday beverages (am hoping for a peppermint mocha), crafts for the kids, a visit from Santa and... more gingerbread house decorating! We're getting to be v. good at that!

Having a holly, jolly Christmas so far! (and it's only December 6th)


  1. nice gingerbread house. I may have to do one too.
    Glad to be reminded it's cheer night at Starbucks. Since we don't have Thomas tonight, maybe we'll go and get some free cheap of us! See you APs.

  2. the gingerbread house looks great! was thinking of trying with mac, we'll see, sometimes I regret the things I get myself into!

    starbucks is too late for us, as mac is alreday in bed but it did cross our minds to go to cheer night, thinking of you enjoying a nice steamy drink, mmmmm


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