Saturday, December 08, 2007

We love December!

We had a really fun time at Starbucks the other night, at their "Christmas Cheer" party. Santa and Dylan spent quite a lot of time together, chatting and doing crafts. They painted a mug and decorated a gingerbread house, as you can see from the photos, and discussed what Dylan is hoping Father Christmas will bring him... "one of those things that sings and dances like at Canadian Tire!" (the question is: Is Santa crazy enough to deliver a singing, dancing, animated, NOISY toy snowman to our house? Time will tell!) Sawyer had great fun chewing on a mini Starbucks cup. His initation into expensive, frothy caffeinated beverage addiction continues!

Speaking of Sawyer, he's now strong enough to play in his Exersaucer (Dylan's old one, brought up from the crawlspace and thoroughly dusted)... and he loves it! Amazing what a big boy he's becoming! He's just such a joy to be around, so smiley and talkative (vocab now extends to such words as "baaaa", "ya-ya-ya", "dada", "mmmmum" and "rrrrraaaah!")

Still busy around here, getting out decorations, wrapping presents, and constantly tidying/organizing. My friend Katie came over last night and we made a beautiful fresh wreath (fir and cedar, smells sooo good!) for our front door. Our next festive plan is a trip to the Empress Hotel on Monday afternoon to look at all the fancy Christmas trees. That and our nightly neighbourhood walks to check out the lights. Dylan was on someone's lawn last night, shouting "Look, Dad! Look! A sleigh!"

Fa la la la la, la la la la!

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