Friday, November 16, 2007

Waiting by the phone...

It's Friday afternoon at 1:55 pm. I'm sitting here at the computer, trying to fill the time while I wait for Philip to phone. Amanda's c-section was scheduled for 12:55 pm. An hour later, I'm hoping to hear something soon!

Both boys are sleeping at the moment and the house is oh-so-quiet. I should be napping (it was a loooong night last night! see below...) but can't sleep in case I miss the phone ringing. Dylan was out this morning with Kelly and her kids, at "Stinky Fish Park" (aka Goldstream during salmon-spawning season). He had a great time splashing about and running on the trails, so I'm hoping for a good nap from him! Sawyer was not so happy with me when I put him down earlier, as we've decided to go cold turkey with the soother, and have banished all dummies from the house! Poor little lad has taken to waking a good 10 times a night looking for mummy to pop it back in his mouth, and none of us have had the sleep we need. He has become dependent on a thing to sleep, and that has to change. So, with some encouragement from Alan (I am soooo weak! especially at 3 o'clock in the morning), we started the weaning process yesterday. So far, so good. Though Sawyer was definitely unhappy and struggled to get to sleep without the soother, he slept for longer once he was asleep and has gone down for both naps today without too big of a fuss. I think he'll adapt quite quickly to the new routine, and soon won't even remember his addiction (fed by his mother who just can't bear to hear him cry, ever!) Alan is great at talking him to sleep and soothing him with words, and each time it gets a bit easier... So, although we may be in for a few rough days, I'm sure we'll be v. glad we did this now, and didn't wait until he was 3!

It's ten past two now! Why hasn't anybody called me yet?

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  1. I'm checking, checking, checking for a picture and a name of this new little boy.

    So exciting! Am off to bed now and to the city in the am so hopefully by tomorrow night there will be some more news!


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