Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like winter

That's right. We woke up to a thick layer of frost on the ground this morning. Winter is on its way! It's Thursday midday, and I'm just waiting for Sawyer to wake up so we can go for his 4 month vaccinations (should have gone last week, but I went for a pedicure instead! what an irresponsible mother!) Whilst we are out, Alan and Dylan are going to be doing some projects around the house, including fastening Dylan's toyshelf to the wall in his room, and looking at making a rail for his big bed (soon he'll be too big for his crib!) There's a lot to do around here as December- and all the excitement that comes with it- rapidly approaches. We are planning to re-tile the kitchen floor (with fake tiles, but still... better than the yellow 70s lino we've currently got), organize and make pretty the spare bedroom (Nanny is coming for Christmas! hurrah!), re-insulate the loft above the upstairs bedrooms, put up the Christmas lights along the roofline at the front of the house... Whew! I get tired just thinking about it, and to be honest, most of the jobs are ones that Alan will do. I shall provide moral support, of course, and lots of coffee!

In other news, the all-out-soother-ban seems to be going well. Sawyer has, I hope, forgotten all about his "dummy" and has found comfort in sucking on his fingers instead. He's napping well again and is usually up just once a night, instead of 10-15 times! Hallelujah for that!

Amanda and baby Kilian are home from hospital and doing well. We hope to go out to Sidney for a visit next week. Dare I strap Sawyer into the baby bjorn, load Dylan and Thomas into the double stroller and take them all out to give Amanda a break? Am I completely mad? We shall see! I'm sure she'd even appreciate a chai tea latte from Starbucks and a bit of adult company for an hour.

Oh, I can hear my baby waking up. Better go get him before he starts hollering and wakes up Dylan!



  1. I'm jealous that the 'season' has begun for you. We have an agreement around here, no Christmas until after Mac's birthday on the 5th. Lights still go up for the 1st, but I am dying to get my hands on a wreath!!!!!

    Give that new wee baby a snuggle for me next week when you go for a visit!

    We're off to the parade in the city this weekend, so watch for pics!

  2. A chai tea latte did you say? I will hold you to that now!!


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